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PostSubject: Trine   Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:08 am

I saw this game on tv and I just had to play it... First of all, it's a platform game.. Can you say 'OLD SCHOOL'? :-)
It's exactly the type of games you used to play as a kid... I think you can compare it to Ghosts & Goblins (for who can remember it), which was one of my favorite games growing up.

This game has all the basic needs to be a good action-adventure platform game. The storyline is kinda simple. All of the land has gone evil and 3 characters go and look for something special called the Trine in the abandoned dungeons of the dead king's castle.
First you have Amadeus the Wizard, who believes he can finally find something in the dungeons that will help him master the fire spell. Besides being a wizard, Amadeus is quite good at wooing the ladies. Then you have Zoya, the Thief. This exceptional archerchick heard of great treasure in the dungeons and wants to claim it as her own. And last one is Pontius the Knight. He's not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, that's for sure. But he makes up for that with his brute force and strong weapons. And he just wants to save the kingdom from evil.

So all these characters look for the same thing for a different reason and end up touching the Trine, and it combines their souls as they do... So during the game you're always playing one of them, but with one simple touch of the button you can change into another one at any time. Which is quite handy.

With these united powers you go and try to save the kingdom and also look for a way to have their souls separated again. In the game, the wizard can create boxes and plates, which can help you reach higher levels. The thief has great long distance combat skills with her archery talents and she also has a grappling hook which help you swing across pools of fire... And the knight is best in close combats, to swing his sword or hammer around and knock those evil skeletons out of there.

The game is very decent. Well made. It's a real old school platform game, with nicely drawn backgrounds and decent graphics altogether.

I think everyone should play this for nostalgic reasons only! :-)

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